Efest LUSH BOX USB Charger Nimbus Vapour

Efest LUSH BOX USB Charger

  • $27.00 AUD

The Efest LUSH BOX is a 2x 18650 USB battery charger with portable power bank functionality. Use the LUSH to charge up your dead 18650's, or use your fully charged batteries as a powerbank to charge your phone or mobile device on the go!

This charger is only compatible with 18650 sized batteries, and batteries are not included.

  • Dual charger and power bank capabilities; all-in-one device
  • Can charge up attached devices and its own internal battery storage simultaneously
  • Balanced dual-battery charging protects batteries' life cycle
  • Sleek, lightweight curved design feels great in your hand
  • On-screen LED indicator for both battery capacities
  • Magnetic cover for easy battery replacement