Nimbus Quick-Mix Guide

Nimbus Quick-Mix Guide

"Quick-Mix?! I don't even know what a doubler is!"

E-liquid doublers are a great solution to restrictions around nicotine in Australia and allow vapers to buy locally produced flavours to mix with nicotine at home.

Doublers are particularly useful if the nicotine solution you have is exactly double the strength you’d like to vape. When this is the case you simply fill your doubler with an equal amount of your nicotine solution to arrive at your desired strength (e.g. filling up your doubler with 16mg nicotine solution leaves you with a bottle of 8mg e-juice).

"So how do I mix my juice if my nicotine isn't twice the strength I like to vape?"

Things get a little trickier if your nicotine solution is more than double of what you prefer to vape. More experienced vapers will buy a stronger nicotine base and simply mix less of it into their doublers, making up the remaining space with plain VG or PG. To do this accurately you need a juice calculator and some way of measuring the various ingredients you need to add. If this seems like a hassle to you, you’re not alone…

With Nimbus Quick-Mix we're taking all the hassle and guess work out of the mixing process. Simply tell us what nicotine strength you have (and the ratio of VG:PG in your nicotine), what nicotine strength you’d like to vape, and what final VG:PG ratio you’d like your juice to be and we will custom make your order.

Your order will contain instructions on exactly how much of your chosen nicotine solution to add. Just add that and you’re ready to vape!

Example time!

John orders:

    • Jam Dizzle 50ml Quick-Mix
    • Mint Slice 100ml Quick-Mix

His nicotine solution is:

      • 100 mg/ml
      • 100% VG

He likes to vape his e-liquid at:

      • 6mg nicotine
      • 70:30 VG:PG

With Nimbus Quick-Mix he simply adds:

      • 3ml of nicotine solution to his Jam Dizzle
      • 6ml of nicotine solution to his Mint Slice

And they are ready to vape!