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Nicotine Prescription Info

The Bad News

Starting October 1st 2021, all Australian vapers will be required to hold a valid prescription before importing nicotine base or pre-mixed nicotine e-liquid.

The Good News

It will be relatively easy to obtain a prescription for current vapers and for smokers wishing to transition to vaping.

Once you have your prescription, ordering your nicotine from overseas will be much the same as it is now. Some retailers will give you the option to upload a copy of your prescription at checkout.

Where To Get A Prescription

In Person

The TGA has published a list of authorised prescribers of nicotine vaping products for each state. Please note there are other unlisted GP’s willing to write your script, so you may also want to talk to your family GP about your prescription. Medicare rebates are available for in person prescriptions.


QuitClinics is a Sydney based company, specialising in writing e-liquid nicotine scripts and are registered with the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association.

One year prescriptions are priced at $85 with no Medicare rebate. You should receive your prescription within 24 hours.

If you mix your own nicotine with 100mg or 200mg nicotine base, you will need to specify the strength and quantity required for each order to avoid issues when importing.

Where To Get Nicotine

Once you have your prescription, you will be able to order up to 3 months supply in each order in accordance with the Personal Importation Scheme.

There are loads of great overseas options to order your nicotine, we typically recommend Vapoureyes NZ or Hiliq.

If you are new to mixing your own nicotine, please be safe with 100+mg nicotine solutions and accurately follow our nicotine mixing chart available at the Nimbus website. You can always contact us if you’re unsure of anything and need guidance.