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Review: Uwell Caliburn A2


It’s been nearly 4 years since the release of the now-iconic Uwell Caliburn, and the Caliburn A2 is here to remind us exactly why Uwell’s competitors have made so many attempts at their own “Caliburn Killer”.

The Caliburn A2 is a worthy sequel to the original, separating itself from the recent Caliburn G line of pod kits, which use a removable coil, and returning to the simplicity and convenience of replaceable pods. These new A2 pods are a dream to vape on, and both the pods and battery body have been updated with some nice upgrades and a few cleverly designed conveniences.

Before we get down to it, here’s a quick rundown of how to Caliburn A2 compares with its older siblings:

CaliburnCaliburn GCaliburn A2
Battery Capacity520mAh690mAh520mAh
Liquid Capacity2mL2mL2mL
Adjustable AirflowNoYesNo
Coils or PodsPodCoilPod
Pod/Coil Resistance (Ohms)1.2 / 1.40.8 / 1.0 / 1.20.9
USB TypeMicro-USBType-CType-C

New Pods

The pods for the A2 have been redesigned from the ground up, taking some inspiration from both of its predecessors, and resulting in a best-of-both-worlds beauty that is enjoyable to vape, and simpler than ever. Those familiar with the original Caliburn kit will be glad to know Uwell has once again improved on its leaky tendencies, the new A2 pods are (very nearly) 100% leak-free. The slim mouthpiece is comfortable, with a smooth finish resembling the Caliburn G, and magnets fitted to the bottom of the pod are a huge step up from the earlier friction-fit designs. The filling system is largely unchanged, just pop the mouthpiece off and fill through the red silicon port, all without removing the pod from your device. The fixed airflow is perfectly paired with the 0.9Ω pod, maximising flavour and longevity, and while it’s best suited to mouth-to-lung vaping, it can also support a restricted DTL style comfortably.


Raising the bar again, Uwell has released the Caliburn A2 with an all-new regulated chipset! Almost all currently available pod devices feature an unregulated circuit, causing power at the coil to fade as the battery drains, often up to 30% power loss compared to a fully charged device. Manufacturers must accommodate for this, which can result in lacklustre hits when the battery is low, or worse yet, overpowering hits on a full charge that is more likely to burn your pod before its time. Using the 0.9Ω pods the Caliburn A2 pushes a steady 15 watts to the coil through the entire charge. This has allowed Uwell to fine-tune the pod for its power draw, massively improving flavour and coil longevity. We hope to see more brands follow suit to include this understated feature in the next round of slim profile “Caliburn Killer” releases that are sure to be coming later this year.

The other updates to the device body are mostly small improvements to useability. The charging port is now USB type-C, an unsurprising but welcome update (listen for the collective sigh of relief as thousands of minimalists retire that arguably functional micro-USB cable that’s been following them for a few too many years). Other noteworthy improvements are the viewing window, which is much larger than the small strip on older Caliburn models, and a small haptic feedback motor that vibrates to notify the beholder of battery full/empty alert, or when the device loses contact with your pod.


Dancing between the goalposts of ingenuity and don’t-fix-what-ain’t-broke humility, Uwell has once again hit it out of the park; checkmate, Vaporesso! The Caliburn A2 is well-positioned take its place among their growing highlight reel of top-notch pod kits, and maybe even end the cat-and-mouse game by ascending to Ωmega status; The [Caliburn-Killer]-Killer